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Tusah Premium Black Belt 1.75" WT


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A Black Belt is not just a color rank in which you receive. It is the hard work that you put in every day, every practice, & every competition. This represents the time and patience spent learning the knowledge of all 8 Taegeuks. It represents the heart and skills to persevere through all 3 rounds in the octagon ring.

When you earn this black belt, there is no need for explanation. The black belt speaks for itself, enough said.

  • Required for all World Taekwondo sanction events
  • Pre-Stone washed to give a more traditional and classic look and feel
  • Soft Material used for more security when tied.
  • 100% cotton inside and out
  • 5cm width, 13 rows of stitching


*Previously named Tusah Special Edition Black Belt